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About David Leach

Born in Williamsburg, Kentucky on New Year’s Day, David’s first memories are of his father’s family gathering to play Bluegrass Music. All seven of his dad’s siblings brought their families to these sometimes-impromptu events; and the show would swell to include 16 adults and 30 plus kids picking and singing and rejoicing in America’s music.

The family moved around a lot when he was younger and one of David’s first jobs was working on a cattle ranch by the Withlacoochee River in Florida. After serving his country in the Army for two years and spending five and half years in a Wal-Mart distribution warehouse, David was yearning for something different. He found his niche in the trucking industry, driving from Florida to Texas to Colorado and back; and he’s been operating a big rig ever since.

In the solitude of the road, David discovered two things, the love of his life, Melissa, by taking a wrong exit in Virginia Beach, and his love of music. With plenty of time to think he discovered the ability to string words together into a song which brought him back full circle to his family roots in Kentucky.

Now, David has embarked on another quest, Country Singer. From his 9/11 tribute, “Top of the World,” to his nod to past and present country music legends in “The Show,’ he is telling the stories that resonate in his people’s hearts, their country and their country music.

David’s new single “Talk About a Redneck” is a light-hearted up-tempo rocker about the good ole boy in your hometown. Everybody’s got one, or more. Ice chest full of refreshments in the back of a pickup truck lookin’ for a good time on a Friday night.

David is sitting up in the cab of that 18 wheeler, singing and writing songs and telling tales about country people; honest, hard working, fun loving, flag waving, God fearing, family people. David Leach is in his element.